Let us take you on an adventure.



Let us take you on an adventure.

Ask yourself what makes you come alive….

Is it the blue water sailing making headway to some exotic island or new distant land or is it creating a culinary delight with local produce collected from a village or the thrill of the sound…fish on!!! when the lines spins out of control as your first Mahi Mahi has taken the hook.

Freya is a 52ft ketch rig monohull that can offer all this and more.

Captain Louis and first mate Jules create an adventure for all aboard to experience another world… A world where you not only discover new people’s and cultures, great oceans and lands but to redefine who you truly are.

So just say…. let’s go.

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247 Sailing is Julie Routledge & Captain Louis Honeycutt.


247 Sailing is Julie Routledge & Captain Louis Honeycutt.

Our Vision

See the world from a different perspective

247Sailing invites people seeking a journey with a difference to share the adventure and challenge of the sea bringing about a profound shift in how they relate to their life, to community and to the world.

Our sailing yacht, Freya, a 1984 52 ft Irwin Ketch sailing vessel  refitted with AC, generator, water maker, radar, digital navigation, life raft,  fully equipped galley, private cabins and much more.

Adventure, Discover, Explore and much more!

Why dream when you can DO IT!

Sailing aboard Freya is an opportunity for you to experience a whole different way of life. Always keep in mind that you are coming to experience how a cruising boat functions so bring your open mind and fresh eyes.

This lifestyle is an unique way to embrace indigenous peoples, their cultures and rituals, scattered in remote islands and villages around the world,  where your enthusiasm friendliness, participation and listening are valued more than your bank account.  Discover the enrichment of seeing a different way of life through others eyes.

A Yacht is a place where everything renews itself day after day, everyday something new to do, learn, explore, see, understand or figure out.

Be a part of this extraordinary life and see the world through different eyes.

Captain Louis,  originally from Texas, is a USA 100 Ton Coast Guard licensed Captain who feels at home on the sea, having sailed, cruised and lived full time abaord sailboats since 1999.

Sailing and cruising through the Bahama Islands, Cuba, Mexico, Honduras Bay Islands, San Blas Islands Panama, Columbia, including 15 Panama Canal transits, Las Perlas Islands, Pacific coast Panama, Ecuador, Cruised the  Tuira River visiting the Embera Indians in the Darien Jungle of Panama, Galapagos Islands, 3 South Pacific crossings to the Tuamutos, Society Islands, Cook Islands, Kingdom of Tonga to the Fiji Islands which is where he met Julie in 2007. Now on his 4th Pacific adventure.

Julie, an Aussie gal, holds a 200 ton First Mate MYA license. She loves to discover local produce from around the world and to provide people with the opportunity to enjoy healthy local cuisine. She is a fantastic cook, no canned food from Jules. Jules is inspired by the possibility of connecting communities and traditional cultures around the world and is the founder of a sustainable development project in Africa.

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Freya transited the Panama Canal 11th April, 2018. Currently in New Zealand, Bay of Islands.

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2018 South Pacific Adventures                      Availability

Leg 1: Panama –Tahiti            Completed
Leg 2: French Polynesia – Tonga  Completed 
Leg 3: Tonga – NZ                Completed 
2019 South Pacific Adventures
Leg 1: NZ- Astrals FP            2 berths 
Leg 2: Astrals - Tahiti FP       2 berths  
Be an explorer, unlock amazing experiences for your next adventure…

What you experience

*You get to live and sail aboard Freya...a 52ft blue water ketch rig fully equipped sailing yacht circumnavigating the world.

* You get unlimited fresh water. 

* You sail around some of the most remote incredible archipelagoes on the planet visiting remote communities with pristine beaches and swimming clear waters. 

* Help islanders on remote islands with food delivery and share in their traditions and culture. Make a difference!

* You will learn passage making, navigation, radar, blue water sailing, line and sail handling, tender driving, anchoring, weather planning, passage provisioning, culinary skills and much more.

Ask yourself what is it worth to experience this adventure...  what we know is that you will never forget this unique experience.

See the world through a different perspective....

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Maximum 2 persons.

January 11th to APRIL 2019 IN NEW ZEALAND.

Sail with expert instruction participating in navigation, sail handling, helming, shipboard duties and land adventures. Gain an understanding of the hands-on skills needed for cruising. Build your confidence. Enjoy and learn to prepare fresh gourmet meals.

Captain Louis, Merchant Mariner 100 ton USA licensed and First Mate Jules, Master of Yachts 200 ton licensed, together, with a combined 25 years sailing and worldwide cruising experience, welcome you to be a part of their adventure.. 


double CABIN

Sleeps 2

Private Bathroom access.

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Specializing in International Long distance Yacht Deliveries


Specializing in International Long distance Yacht Deliveries

Captain Louis,  originally from Texas, is a USA 100 Ton Coast Guard licensed Captain who feels at home on the sea, having sailed, cruised and lived full time abaord sailboats since 1999.

Sailing and cruising through the Bahama Islands, Cuba, Mexico, Honduras Bay Islands, San Blas Islands Panama, Columbia, including 15 Panama Canal transits, Las Perlas Islands, Pacific coast Panama, Ecuador, Cruised the  Tuira River visiting the Embera Indians in the Darien Jungle of Panama, Galapagos Islands, 3 South Pacific crossings to the Tuamutos, Society Islands, Cook Islands, Kingdom of Tonga to the Fiji Islands which is where he met Julie in 2007.



Kind words from our sailing adventurers.


Kind words from our sailing adventurers.

November 2017 from Ana, Rodrigo and Marina in Brazil

We had an extraordinary experience with Louis and Jules on Freya. San Blas is beautiful, it is great scenery, but most of all they are wonderful hosts, lots of experience, rich life, interesting histories and great heart. They’ve spoiled us. The food is superb!!! Jules cooking is delicious, creative, very fresh and healthy.

They were always ready to make our stay as enjoyable as possible, meaning it staying in the beach as long as we wished, put a hammock so we can relax and see the full moon, even making it possible to give a last jump in the ocean just before leaving. It was something that enchanted us so much that we’re definitely planning to stay with them again. We left with the feeling that we had known them for a long time.

We already miss them!

 November 2017 from Jack and Mari-Carmen

We arrived at Freya to Captain Louis’ firm handshake welcoming us aboard and Jules hug immediately giving us the impression that we were joining friends. This impression only grew stronger throughout our visit and we plan to remain friends long after our departure three days later.  Upon boarding, we were quickly settled and given an orientation to yacht living on this free roaming vessel, which is even bigger inside than it appears from the outside with spacious cabins, comfortable dining room, good facilities and three of the most-rare attributes of any accommodations in the San Blas Islands.  Captain Louis and the Freya have (1) Air Conditioning, Fresh Water Generation and real sea captain qualifications that keep you safe in the event of a real-world emergency.  Louis holds his 100-ton vessel license and is a U.S. Navy veteran, while Jules is also high qualified as a mariner and great chef.  Both are excellent chefs as were treated to lobster, fresh Kuna bread and an abundance of meals and snacks throughout our visit.

While on Freya, we snorkeled over the reefs with the gear Freya provided, while being personally guided by Louis swimming beside us towing the dingy in case we grew tired.  We picnicked with other families anchored nearby with the understanding that Freya is part of an international community of sailing peoples.  Our time aboard Freya offered us access to this community of spirited adventurers.  We likewise enjoyed the extremely rare opportunity to meet and share time with the local native Kuna families that Louis and Jules call friends.  It was fascinating to understand their customs and culture first hand, which very few other services offer in an authentic manner.  We purchased their native, hand made products as gifts for our families and were allowed to visit their homes on a nearby island.  

Captain Louis and Jules work tirelessly as a team to produce a free ranging experience, which you for want of nothing between a cold beer, rum drink, delicious food and good conversation with new friends.  In between, you are shuttled with Freya’s dingy by Louis to nearby beaches, snorkeling, swimming off the boat or laying under the stars in a hammock with the warm Caribbean breeze and moonlight as a constant companion.  If I sound overly romantic in this review, it’s because we achieved more rest, recovery and renewal in three days on Freya than a week at an all services beach resort.  Truth.  There is something about sleeping on a big sailboat that gave us rest like nothing I have experienced. elsewhere.

Friends, consider Captain Louis, Jules and Freya for your San Blas get away.  The well-executed logistics support plan, professionalism, attention to detail, ambiance, spacious lodging, first class meals, safety, air conditioning, fresh water generation and overall experience in the company of new friends will leave you with an unforgettable San Blas experience for your hard-earned dollars.    

August 5th-12th 2017                                            Fantastic Journey by Susan  

We took a seven day (once in a lifetime) journey with Jules and Louis through the San Blas Islands, Panama in August 2017. Everything was perfect from the moment we stepped foot aboard the Freya.  She is a beautiful sailboat and was clean, comfortable, and safe. Jules and Louis are wonderful hosts that have decades of experience and knowledge to share.  Our days were spent snorkeling, swimming, eating, drinking, resting, exploring, playing cards, meeting new people from around the world, and most importantly enjoying the natural beauty of the San Blas Islands. Jules is a fantastic cook with a special touch for preparing healthy and delicious foods that were fresh and local.  The mid-day banana smoothies were delicious! Louis is ALWAYS a calm, cool, and collected captain.  He made sailing look easy even though it is anything but easy or simple. We were in excellent hands with Louis and Jules!  We sailed to different areas of the San Blas Islands and had the unique experience of interacting with and learning more about the Guna Indians. Each island had one or more families of Gunas residing on it and each family was unique and fascinating. The Gunas were very familiar with Jules and Louis and therefore, also visited us aboard Freya. Louis and Jules were gracious in sharing their knowledge of local snorkeling areas on reefs.  The sights were unforgettable.  We snorkeled and swam in areas that were pristine and isolated.  What a gift to have this experience.  Our short week with Jules and Louis on the Freya will last a lifetime in our memories. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  Nichole and Susan


February-March 2017 from Darlene

I joined SV Freya as a cook for five weeks to learn about what it takes to run and sail a yacht and to experience the world of cruising. Captain Louis was very respectful, helpful and a great teacher allowing me to navigate my way through all the facets of sailing a 52 ft Ketch rig yacht. SV Freya is a very well laid out, comfortable and extremely clean. My duties included cooking and the galley provided more than adequate equipment and space to perform my culinary delights. We sailed to all the islands in Honduras Bay Islands meeting locals and other cruisers. I would be very happy to join Freya again. 

March 2016 from Adele
Five stars for this yacht and her captain! If you get the chance to hop aboard this boat, do not let it pass by. I had the pleasure of spending 4 weeks aboard this beautiful yacht, island hopping through four countries down the eastern coast of Central America. From day one, I felt safe, comfortable and extremely fortunate for the opportunity. This was my first experience sailing on someone else’s boat and Louis welcomed me with open arms, shared his vast knowledge of sailing, great stories and how to kick ass and take names at the card table. A generous, friendly and respectful guy, Captain taught with patience and showed us what the cruising life is all about. He has friends everywhere he goes, takes exceptional care of his boat and knows how to catch a fish. I saw a part of the world I never imagined existed, ate extremely well every day and collected a couple good stories myself. The only bad part about the trip was having to say goodbye so I hope we reunite one day.

June 2016 from Vanessa and Michael

My husband and I spent two memorable weeks aboard the boat with Captain Louis and his First Mate Jules. From the moment we arrived, we felt comfortable, welcomed and in good hands considering this was our first ocean sailing experience. When stepping aboard, we were quickly impressed with the maintenance of the boat, the comfort of the cabins and how tidy and organized everything was.

The primary goal of the trip was to improve our sailing skills and to experience the cruising lifestyle. We really felt that Louis was able to offer this experience to us and more. Louis is an experienced Captain and is extremely knowledgable when it comes to sailing. We had a few days of rough weather, high seas and squalls and he always remained calm and confident regardless of what challenges came our way. He provided many opportunities for us to build on our sailing skills by quickly allowing us to be on the helm, work with sails, navigate with the GPS, anchor and perform other sailing tasks. His First Mate Jules, is also an experienced sailor and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience about handling the boat. In addition to sailing, Jules taught us a lot about provisioning and cooking fantastic fresh meals while living aboard a sailboat.

25 June 2016 from Trish
From the moment we arrived to our reluctant departure, my husband and I felt welcome and completely at home aboard Louis’s yacht. She is a beautiful boat, clean, and well maintained inside and out. Our berth was very comfortable (and air conditioned!) with it’s own head.

We are somewhat new to sailing but Louis treated us as competent and trustworthy crew. He enabled us to fully participate in all operations on the boat and to develop confidence in our skills. Louis is such an amazing guy and a wonderful, skilled captain — never hurried or getting rattled, he handled everything with equanimity. Jules was not only a competent first mate but a good teacher and a wonderful chef. We had a lesson in how to live aboard with healthy food and a varied diet and in the 3 weeks we were aboard we had some of the best meals I’ve had all year.

I hope Jeff and I have another opportunity to join Louis and Jules on their journey and we look forward to keeping in touch with our new friends.


19 March 2016 from Joel
Louis showed us a great time in Mexico and Bay of Islands, Honduras. Went out of his way to cruise the best sites for snorkeling and local culture. Not only an accomplished cook and host, but also a highly experienced captain with the crew and boat’s safety (and comfort) a priority. Easy and fun to ‘hang out’ with, and a great time had by all……highly recommended!
Joel & Robin, Seattle


21 April 2016 from Roberta
I first met Louis in Honduras in 2003, when we were both sailing our own boats. He helped me numerous times on short deliveries and fixing the millions of things that can go wrong on a boat, and then he sailed off to the Pacific. the next time I sailed with Louis was in Fiji, where we spent 3 months cruising the island chain and onward to Vanuatu, and eventually Australia.
That trip led to many other sail adventures with Louis and with Jules, on three different boats and as many different areas of the world. I can say without reservation that I trust my life on board any sailboat with Louis. His skills as a captain, his instincts to realize an issue and deal with it in time, and the quality of his boat and gear is all one can ask for. He has a great fun personality, and that is just louis! Jules is an extraordinary chef, great sailor, and, neither of them get sea sick ever!
I know I will be back on board with them again and again, and I recommend to anyone that can get some time sailing with them to go for it!